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INBC – Irish National Ballet Competition

(2nd April 2023 Maynooth, Ireland)


Under 10 years 

1st Place – Anna Grant

(Anna was awarded a special prize of a large hamper from Studio Dancewear)


3rd Place – Sarah Glynn

La Volta Events UK - Easter 2023 Online Dance Competition


We are happy to announce that we received the following medals at the La Volta Easter Online Dance Competition

2nd Place 

3rd Place

5 x Highly Commended Awards


June 2023  Winners

Contemporary - Teens

1st Place -   Niamh O'Malley  "Drowning"

2nd Place -  Isabelle Brannelly  "Movement"

3rd Place -   Kate Murphy  "Cruel World"

Dance Equality.webp

Dance Equality Universe Takeover Online Dance Competition - April 2023

Senior Open Contemporary - 1st Place   Eva Boo   "Angel of Death"

Teen Open Lyrical - 2nd Place  Niamh O'Malley  "Drowning"

Teen Open Jazz - 1st Place  Clare Keane  "Black & Gold"

Junior Beginners Lyrical - 2nd Place  Sarah Murphy  "I'm Yours"

Mini Open Jazz - 2nd Place  Grace Murphy  "Just can't wait to be King"


2023 Winners

13 - 15 yrs JAZZ / HIP HOP                          2nd Place                    Lucy Miller                  "That Man"

13 - 15 yrs LYRICAL / CONTEMPORARY    3rd Place                      Eva Boo                     "Angel of Death"

                                                                       Highly Commended    Niamh O'Malley       "Drowning"


Special Scholarship awarded to Eva Boo from Eduardo Martinez - Vice Principal at Morea Performing Arts.  Eva has been given a full scholarship at the the Morea Performing Arts Associate Program in Ireland

IDTC Emblem_edited.jpg
712 LUCY MILLER Ireland_edited.jpg

International Dance Talent Competition 

Final Round  7th - 9th July 2023 

ONLINE - Mesagne, Italy

IDTC 2023 poster.jfif

Congratulations to Lucy Miller who won 1st Place Hip Hop/Jazz U15yrs with "That Man". 

Congratulations to Emer Lenihan who place in the Professional Top 20 Contemporary. 


Congratulations to Louisa

3rd Place

U12 Anything Goes Solo

 5678 Dance Competition in Dublin

September 2023


Destination Dance Competition 
21st and 22nd October 2023

Our weekend of results!!



Jazz Gold Medal  



Clara and Iona Jazz Silver Medal  

Sarah and Lucy Jazz Gold Medal  

Isabelle and Aoife Jazz Silver Medal  

Niamh and Lucy Contemporary  Gold Medal  and 2nd Prize  

Eva and Isabelle Contemporary Silver Medal  



Sarah Tap Silver Medal  and 1st prize  

Sarah Jazz Gold Medal  

Lucy Jazz Gold Medal  

Eva Jazz Gold Medal  

Eva Contemporary Gold Medal  

Niamh Lyrical Gold Medal  

Isabelle Contemporary Silver Medal  

Freya Contemporary Silver Medal  

Freya Ballet Silver Medal  

Katie Contemporary Gold Medal  

Katie Ballet Gold Medal  and 3rd Prize  


Congratulations to all 

Dance Inspirations.png

28th & 29th October 2023

Congratulations to all the girls who danced to today!! 


A special mention for the following! 



Katie 1st Place Contemporary 18+  


Sarah 2nd Place Jazz 18+  


Katie 2nd Place Ballet 18+  

Eva 3rd Place Contemporary 15-17 

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